As a former Municipal Prosecutor Attorney Caleca has the experience and knowledge to help you eliminate points, avoid a suspension and/or fight the traffic offense if the State has not followed all the correct procedures or has a weak case. Attorney Caleca has been very successful handling municipal cases primarily in Warren and Hunterdon counties.

Most moving violations will subject you to points on your permanent driving record and/or insurance points which can result in an increase in your auto insurance rates. Also, certain traffic violations may affect your driving license and/or privileges within the State of New Jersey. Attorney Caleca can help you avoid and/or lower points, avoid and/or lower a driver’s license suspension, and avoid jail time in most cases.

The State is represented by a Prosecutor, you should be represented by someone who can give you legal advice and determine if the police followed proper procedures and all the elements of your offense can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Call our office today and make arrangements to speak with Attorney Caleca, as a former Municipal Prosecutor he has the experience and knowledge on both sides of the law. We offer a free telephone consultations and accept most major credit cards and flexible payment plans.

Attorney Caleca charges $150 for consultations, whether conducted over the phone or in person, for all matters.